Flower displays can seem quite daunting. Looking at a professional display is dizzying, impressive, even sometimes. With wonderful arrays of shapes, colours and textures all layered and patterned masterfully. When you’re looking at a professional display such as this, and looking to make your own, it’s easy to ask that crucial question.

Where do I even begin?

We’ve all been there. Especially in a year like 2022, where so many fantastic flower arrangements took centre stage. Luckily, we’ve made this retrospective on what made 2022’s best flower arranging trends, and we’ve made it with beginners in mind! We’ll, of course, also provide some tips on how you can best replicate or remix these arrangements, with our artificial flower range.


Why Was 2022 a Good Year for Flower Arrangements?

Florists still saw strong sales in some countries in spite of the post-COVID economy’s turbulence. Contemporary aesthetic movements such as ‘Cottagecore’ or ‘Organic Modern Design’ have both seen enormous growth in response to the pandemic, signifying an aesthetic return to nature, and both have made good use of modern floral arrangements. While florists have still faced economic hardship, as the rest of us have, it still remains a good time to be selling flowers.

Florist making a beautiful floral bouquet
Flower arrangement does not exist in a vacuum, and popular styles have been dictated somewhat by the tastes of the market, meaning several, distinct trends can be seen, these being Wild Arrangements, Warm Colours, and Flowers in Fun Places. There may be other trends that 2022 saw rise, but these are the three most prominent ones that are also immediately accessible in our estimation.


The Wild Arrangement

Now, if you’ve read any of our prior blogs regarding 2022-2023 trends you’ll know that home styling is seeing a rise in sustainable aesthetics, and ‘return to nature’ naturalism! This is reflected in flower arrangement by the rise in messy, wild, and beautiful flower arrangements.The Wild Arrangement emphasises natural beauty, and can make a fantastic contrast with an ordered and organised home, or a beautiful pop of vibrant life in busier environments. These gorgeous, sophisticated pieces make fantastic centrepieces, but can require a lot of work! 

Now, simply put, Wild Arrangements are flower arrangements that emphasise the wild aspects of flowers. So this might be leaves, vines, grasses, or branches, all adorning a meticulously-constructed flower display. Now, we say meticulously-constructed because as any good home stylist knows, it can take real work and investment to make clutter look good. 

Now, if you’re a beginner to arranging flowers, the first three things we can say that you’ll need are planning, preparations and patterns. 

Planning is, of course the natural starting point to any project and flower arrangements should be no different! What look are you going for, how are you going to make your flowers work with your vase, how will you pattern your flowers, etc. All of these considerations sound like a lot at first, but it really is necessary for making a good display! If you’re a beginner, it’s especially important you consider all aspects of flower arranging in your early projects, and later when you have a good grasp of the concepts and can visualise a detailed outline of what you want from the get-go, it’s fine to expedite the planning stage, but that level of skill takes practice! 

Preparations are simple, making sure you have enough water, that each stem is cut to the right level so certain flowers will be elevated above others (or not), just to ensure your display at least sits right.

Finally, patterns, this is something you should iron out in planning, but be ready to change and experiment with as you like! You’ll typically have focal flowers that you want to draw attention to, and several smaller flowers which largely exist to support and accentuate the features of your primary flowers. Layering these flowers in patterns is a very effective means of making sure your display is stunning, and it’s especially important with wild arrangements, this touch of neatness may be what keeps your arrangement grounded and looking stylish.

The Wild Arrangement

Consider this wild flower arrangement, between the leaves, buds and contrasting colours, this piece conveys a wild richness and extravagance which could bring a lot to any household. 

This flower arrangement can also be replicated using the following:


Warm Colours

Now, this is the simplest of our trends to describe, because Warm Colours are trending in interior design, they have also seen a significant increase in floral arrangements. 

Warm colours are Red, Yellow, Orange, any colours that share a hue with those colours would also be considered warm.

Warm Colours Flowers

Consider this flower arrangement

This flower arrangement can be replicated using the following:


Flowers in Fun Places

As any good florist would know, flower arrangements don’t necessarily need to take place in a vase or bowl. Honestly, so long as your flowers have access to a water container, and you keep a means of managing dropped petals and leaves, the sky’s the limit! Creative floral arrangements on wall displays, hanging basket displays or even wardrobe racks have all seen a sudden growth in 2022.

This particular method of decoration is somewhat technical, and may require a little bit more investment than the usual vase display. But through this method a good flower display can accentuate any feature, and bring colour and the appearance of life to anywhere in your home!

Now, the biggest issues with this particular trend are discreetly providing a clean water supply, as well as cleaning up after potential shedding. These are both valid concerns, but luckily, neither of them are particularly concerning to the owner of an Artificial Flower! Artificial flower displays are free to be much more varied, convenient, and they create much less mess too!

Hanging Flower Baskets

Consider these hanging flower baskets, utilising warm, vibrant colours that 2022 has seen explode in popularity!

This flower arrangement can be replicated using the following:


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