Whether you’re shopping personal or general home decor gifts- we’ve got you covered

When shopping home decor you might be wondering what gift to buy for new homeowners, gifts for home decor lovers or interior design enthusiasts. Whether you’re buying for a newly moved-in couple, or your best friend, understanding their taste and using your own judgement is important. That being said, if you find yourself struggling to come up with home decor gift ideas, here are some recommendations to inspire your gift shopping.

Understand Their Taste

Understanding your gift recipient’s taste gives you a huge advantage when shopping for home decor. You could easily find something to match their desired aesthetic or colour scheme. Thoughtful gifts related to their interests are also advised. If you’re uncertain about the tastes of whom you’re buying for you can err on the side of caution and present them with home decor that serves a practical function. 

Practical Home Decor

You can’t go wrong with home decor that serves a practical function. Whilst decorative, the utility of these gifts makes it a safe bet that they’ll be appreciated, and your recipient will get everyday use from them.

Decorative bowls make an excellent kitchen, lounge or dining room centrepiece. Whether they’re filled with potpourri, decorative stones, fruit, mementos or trinkets, decorative bowls can serve a practical function as well as add some character to a room.

A gemoetric terrarium filled with beige pot-pouri. Terrarium by Aufora

Bookends are another piece of home decor that serve a practical function. A great gift for bookworms or that friend who seems to have accumulated a library of books, bookends can transform a pile of books into a stylish shelf.

We’d be remiss if we didn’t include candles and candle holders. Adding a warm glow to any setting, and relaxing fragrances if they’re scented, candles are a sweet gift the recipient can use in most settings. Also consider candle holders, a stylish way to decorate the home and have candles on proper display.

Three candle holders with white candles that are alight. All Products by Aufora

Personal Home Decor

If you’re confident in understanding your recipient's taste, you could go for something more personal. Consider an ornament you know will appeal to them. If they’re lovers of the countryside, maybe opt for a rustic themed ornament. If they’re history enthusiasts you could get them a historically inspired sculpture. Or if they’re more spiritually inclined maybe consider an ornament with spiritual significance or symbolism. Ornaments tailored towards a person’s taste are a kind and considerate gift that will appeal to them on a more personal level.

For home decor enthusiasts or lovers of nature, artificial plants and flowers are a great way of incorporating some natural themes and colours into your recipient's home. 

Artificial orchids are a beautiful, delicate and fuss-free way of adding some eye-catching colour. You could choose a fanciful artificial bouquet, guaranteed to bring the room to life all year round. You could even match the bouquet with a stylish vase, emphasising an element of their chosen aesthetic. 

If you think something more subtle would be preferable, consider artificial succulents, and even a terrarium to store them in and create their very own mini indoor garden.  

Two silver, textured photo frames with family images inside, sitting on a shelf. Photo frames by Aufora

Using Your Own Judgement

Knowing what home decor to buy can be difficult at times. If you’re unsure about the recipient’s taste, consider a gift with a practical function, as these will find everyday use. If you’re more confident in gifting for the recipient, shop for something more tailored to their tastes and interests. 

Again, it should be emphasised that you’ll need some understanding as to what will be most appreciated by whom. Following these guidelines you should be able to buy a thoughtful gift, sure to become a valued aspect of their interior design.

A sculpture of three white, ceramic elephants sat on a bench next to a fireplace. Elephant sculpture by Aufora


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