The word ‘timeless’ gets thrown around a lot in the home decor industry, and rather carelessly, we think. But if we had to choose any one thing, just one item of home decoration that we could call ‘timeless’ in all honesty, we’d have a hard time not choosing the humble vase.

For about as long as humans have been producing tools, we’ve had vases -though we’ve come a long way since then to be sure-. Once a vital storage tool and symbol of status, vases now joyfully adorn the shelves and tabletops of every home. Coming in every shape, style, and size, there’s Gourd Vases, Bouquet Style, Urn, Bottle, Bowl, and more!
All this context aside, we’re still left with the question you came here with, “which vase works for me this Christmas?”
Well, don’t you worry, we’ve looked through our collections and designs and chosen our eight favourite Christmas Vases, and paired them up by need.


For Flowers

The Cara Crystal Vase, with its geometric crystal surface

Cara Crystal Vase - Tall

Starting off strong, the Cara Crystal Vase was designed to display and compliment flower arrangements. Its geometric patterns accentuate its crystal material, seeming to reflect and catch the light subtly, lending your flower arrangement a warmth and radiance that doesn’t come at the cost of the vase’s modern design.


The Alysis bubble glass bottle vase, appearing to be filled with bubbles

Alysis Bubble Glass Bottle Vase - Tall

The Alysis Bubble Glass Bottle Vase is especially complimentary for flower displays. The bubble effect within this vase’s glass brings to mind a stylised version of condensation, allowing your displays to seem verdant and alive, without any of the mess.


For Display

Maera Cobalt Blue Ripple Vase, tall, blue and with ripples

Maera Cobalt Blue Ripple Vase - Tall

Christmas is filled to the brim with strong colours and reflective materials, so adding a smart pop of cool blue to compliment any room is a great idea! The gentle ripple effect of this vase is reminiscent of near-still water, and the effect is quite striking when well-lit.


 The Olivia Apple Green Vase, green and textured

Olivia Apple Green Vase

If you’re looking for something to suit your Christmas colour scheme, look no further than the Olivia Apple Green Vase. Its intricate pattern and soft-green colouration gives this vase an appearance reminiscent of tree foliage. As a centrepiece, or as a compliment to something matching, like a Christmas tree, we think this vase is perfect for the festive season!


Bowl Vases

A creamy white vase with gentle protrusions, seeming to appear organic

Perina White Ceramic Cactus Vase - Large

Tall enough to be considered a bouquet vase, but wide enough to be considered a bowl, this vase has an organic, yet chic quality to it. Its striking matte surface, and intriguing texture makes it a fantastic centrepiece, or bowl for storing things in.


The Cyphora White Ceramic Cactus vase, bowl-like and elegant

Cyphora White Ceramic Cactus Vase

This Cactus Vase very much lives up to the name, complete with everything but the spikes! Compact and stylish, this vase looks like a de-spined cactus rendered in ceramic. Its pale white colour is pleasant and understated, and contrasts well with most strong colours, or compliments pale decor. Making this vase a strong addition to any home.


For Gifting

The Aubree White Zigzag ceramic vase, geometric and matte

Aubree White Zigzag Ceramic Vase - Short

Chic, compact, strong and stylish, this vase is an absolutely perfect fit for minimalist or modern decor displays. Its geometric patterns and pale colouration gives an air of luxe modernity. Practical in size and style, whoever you gift this to is sure to find a use or a place for this vase!


A tall, black smokey vase with a turtle effect

Sierra Smoke Grey Turtle Effect Vase - Tall

Our final vase today! While it may not be a conventional Christmas colour scheme, it would work well with displays that already favour darker colours, or as a welcome breathing space for home spaces that are at risk of becoming too busy with contrasting colour. It should also be noted that this vase would be a great present because it’s a great year-round addition to a house! For homes that may struggle to find space for a vase that suits the Christmas colour scheme, this would make a perfect gift.




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