Festive Flowers, a New Christmas Tradition?

We all like Christmas Decor; who doesn’t? Getting out the tinsel, the tree, and wreaths is an exciting tradition, and each decoration seems to fill our homes with that familiar Christmas magic. But there’s also plenty of reasons to want to try something new. These Christmas decorations can sometimes clash with room theming and style, they can cause clutter, or maybe you just want to make a new tradition with your family. So, for those of you looking for something new, our style experts recommend artificial flowers.


Are Artificial Plants New to Christmas?

Now, artificial plants and Christmas have a long history. From artificial Wreaths to Artificial Christmas trees. At first, these additions were looked down on for seeming less authentic than real trees or hand-woven wreaths. But as the quality of production increased, it became clear that artificial Christmas Plants were practical, affordable, required less maintenance, and could be just as stylish as the real deal. Now, most houses have some form of artificial plant as a decoration, from mistletoe to holly, to Christmas trees! Given just how popular a home accessory these artificial plants have become for Christmas, is it any wonder that flowers should follow as an accessory?


What’s So Great About Artificial Flowers?

Now, listing the benefits of artificial flowers would deserve its own article if we’re honest. But that doesn’t mean we can’t provide you with a quick three-point, festive-focussed summary. Practical - Artificial flowers are low-maintenance, long-lived, and safe. Investing in a good set of Artificial Flowers gives you, quite literally, an evergreen house decoration. Giving you years of gorgeous, stylish festive joy, as well as a versatile house accessory you can bring out for special occasions. Customisable - Artificial Flowers don’t have the aesthetic limitations of normal flowers, able to have either perfect colouration and form, or dazzling, unusual patterns. This opens up a whole new world of possibilities for stylish and unusual arrangements and vase pairing. The fact of the matter is, these flowers are designed to be displayed and customised, which means you have much more freedom to let your imagination run wild and create an arrangement that’s perfectly suited to your house or festive vision. Environmentally Friendly and Pollen-Free - Considering how long-lived artificial flowers are, they don’t need to be replaced and usually only need to be purchased once. This means that they end up costing very few air miles, and are more positive for the environment than replacing the same plants multiple times within a year. Also, last but not least, artificial flowers are pollen-free. You’re welcome, hayfever sufferers.


Bouquets of Christmas Inspiration

Not quite sold on the idea just yet? Well, we’re happy to present three tasteful floral arrangements that we think are more than proof enough that artificial flowers are the next big thing in Christmas Decorations.


Forever White Hydrangea & Red Berries Festive

A tasteful Red Berry and White Hydrangea display

Starting off with a classic, this Forever Bouquet seems to just radiate charm and festive joy. The simple red-white-green colour palette of this arrangement makes it stunningly versatile, and suitable for pairing with most traditional Christmas decorations as a refined centrepiece or compliment. Consider pairing this Forever Bouquet with a vase that matches your display’s colour scheme.


The Artificial White Potted Orchids Plant

A Large Artificial White Orchard, each petal white and round like a snowdrop.

Now, I know what you’re thinking, a White Orchid is not a traditional Christmas plant, and you’d be right to think that! But, undeniably, this Orchid’s cream-white petals, soft green stalks, leaves and buds, and faux-bamboo canes would look right at home with a naturalistic ‘White Christmas’ theme. Its petals, reminiscent of heavy snowfall, would make a wonderful pop of light and brightness to a Christmas display!


Artificial Frosted Holly Berries Stem

Seven or so bunches of Artificial Holly Berry stems, each made to look like an authentic branch, with gentle artificial frosting on each berry.

A perfect example of how Artificial Flowers are customisable and can be altered in any number of creative ways! This frosted stem of holly berries brings the classic Christmas imagery of a traditional festive plant partially covered in snow, but without any of the mess or complications! Sold as individual stems, they can be used as a great addition to a Christmas tree or bookshelf, or if you purchase a bunch they can make a striking festive centrepiece!


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