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Best known for its bright colours and bold designs, the Art Deco movement began in the 1920s and flourished until the 1940s. Whilst art deco waned with the advent of newer visual arts during the mid-40s, the dramatic flair characteristic of the movement has provided the aesthetic with vintage charm and enduring appeal. Read more to learn how you can incorporate art deco design into your interior design with home decor.


What is Art Deco?

The seeds of the Art Deco movement were rooted during the dawn of the 20th century, inspired by art nouveau, cubism and other artistic styles of the day; Art Deco underwent multiple transformations during its prime. As an international art movement spanning two decades, it should not be considered a single art form but an aesthetic with multiple variations, meaning you have plenty of creative freedom when considering how to incorporate art deco themes into your home interior.


The art deco style reflects the glamour and luxury of the roaring twenties, and, indicative of the time, the Art Deco aesthetic is glamorous, optimistic and characterised by geometric designs and striking colour palettes. Floral patterns and strong lines are predominant features, as are gold accents, colour-contrasting furnishing and captivating home decor.

The Brighter the Better


Golden sunburst mirror on gold wall

When planning your Art Deco interior be sure to consider home decor with golden hues. Print design, kitchenware and ornaments are an easy way of adding that touch of opulence characteristic of the era.

Owing to its flamboyant nature, the sunburst motif is a prevalent feature in art deco interior design, as are statement mirrors. Sunburst mirrors are an excellent and simple means of incorporating these two features into your Art Deco home interior. Sunburst wallpapers, chandeliers and ornaments should not be overlooked. Extravagant and optimistic, the sunburst motif is an Art Deco characteristic sure to add some exuberant roaring twenties character to your home.

Streamlined or Geometric

art deco white geometric vases

When selecting vases and glass art, consider geometric vases with straight lines or opt for sleek and streamlined glass art, characteristic of the later streamline moderne period. Art deco vases can liven up a room as statement pieces, or as stylish complements to your floral arrangements.


Whether you choose sharp, geometric patterns or streamlined glass art, vases and glassware are a perfect way of encapsulating that chic, early 20th-century vision of modernity and adding some retro charm to your interior design.

Cushions & Prints


blue  art deco cushion

Striking colours and bold lines are a feature of Art Deco. Natural motifs are prevalent, sometimes paired with muted colour palettes.


Cushions are a great way to enhance your ideal look, you might want to pair petrol blue cushions against more earth-coloured backgrounds for an exciting contrast. Alternatively, pair natural-themed cushions and hushed tones with more exuberant home decor.


Floral, geometric and shell patterns are all elements of art deco design that will look great in your home. When deciding on colour palettes, consider how they will match other elements of your art deco room design. Not only do cushions cosy up your relaxing space, but they’re also a great way of adding some art deco colour palettes and designs to your home.

Make a Statement

When styling your art deco-inspired home you want to create striking colour contrasts, paired with interesting and unique home decor. Whether you choose more understated home accessories or lavish statement pieces, ensure the delicate and intricate are paired with the grand and luxurious for the air of optimistic futurism characteristic of the Art Deco movement.


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