Looking to give your interiors a quick upgrade? Choosing the right combination of pillows and cushions will help you elevate your home interiors on a budget. But while styling pillows (or cushions as they're known in the UK) is the most affordable way to make interiors appear designed, doing so is not always easy.

Mixing and matching decorative throw pillows requires a bit of know-how to get them looking just right. Luckily, an interior-designed look is achievable when you know how. In this blog article, we cover everything you need to know about how to style pillows and cushions like an interior designer.


Cushion Styles for Different Rooms

When it comes to your living room and bedroom, a careful combination of cushions can make your sofa or bed appear cosier and more inviting.

For styling the bedroom like a pro, choose two or three pillow sizes to layer. Remember beds are meant for lying on, so create some height by using larger pillows in the back, then size down from there. Your bedroom can be ultra personal (more so than other spaces in your house), so use use pillows to express your taste and create a relaxing sleeping environment.

For your living room, aim for styles the whole house will enjoy. Of course, add interest with a range of cushion and pillow styles, but don't forget that sofas are made for sitting. This means you want to use pillows to create a more comfortable seating environment, but not overwhelm the space.

Cushion Styles for Different Rooms


Layering with Different Pillow Sizes

If you’ve read our blog on vase fashion, you’ll know it’s the small things that matter when it comes to interiors. The same applies to cushions. The right combination of cushions and pillows is the perfect way to turn your sofa or bed into something truly inviting.

To make a stylish statement, layering is key. By using different colours, textures, and shapes of cushions, you can create a unique look that reflects your personal style. To style them, we suggest combining round, square, rectangle and lumbar pillows in a variety of sizes.


Combining Colours and Patterns

Want to achieve home interiors that are worthy of a glossy magazine? Then it's time to stop wondering how to match cushions to your sofa and start mixing and matching your cushions instead. Using a combination of different colours and patterns helps create a focal point in a room, and adds interest and depth.

If you're feeling overwhelmed, here are some design tips from the experts:

  1. Consider the colours and fabric of your sofa and think of this as your base.
  2. From there, make sure all the cushion and pillow textiles you choose are not too similar, so they contrast but still complement each other.
  3. When choosing patterns, give each pillow a chance to share the spotlight by pairing smaller prints with bold, large-scale prints.
  4. To avoid overwhelming your rooms, combine one or two prints you love with more neutral shades and colours (added bonus: neutrals continue to be a huge interior decor trend in 2023).

By following the above advice, you’re guaranteed to create a cohesive design that won't overwhelm your space.

Combining Colours and Patterns


Add Personality with Cushion Details

Cushion details can add a touch of personality and unique flair to a room. Whether it's a colourful trim, a playful pattern, or a unique shape, cushions can be a great way to add personality, style and a little fun to your interiors.

Given the huge amount of cushion designs out there, it's easy to find the right ones to suit your taste and design theme.

To add character to your space, opt for cushions with small details like contrast piping, feathers, braiding or fringing. If you want an extra luxurious feel, choose geometric patterns, faux fur and rich velvet. It's best to pair these statement throw pillows and cushions with more muted options for a perfectly balanced space.

Want to know our top interior tip for 2023? We suggest spending a little extra time sourcing just the right pillows and cushions for the right rooms in your home. Achieving an interior-designed feel in your home doesn't have to be expensive – but it does require attention to detail. Start experimenting and you'll see that the right pillow and cushion combination make a dramatic difference to how your home looks and feels.

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