We’ve all been there. It’s the most wonderful time of the year, the decorations are going up, and what’s meant to be a heartwarming, symbolic, and precious time is sullied with just one dour thought. 

“The place really did look nicer before I put up all this tinsel.”

Don’t worry, you’re no Grinch or Krampus for thinking it, trust us, we’ve all been there. Christmas decorations and colours are wonderful, nostalgic, but they’re rarely the first thing that comes to mind when you think of “style”. Not to mention that if your home already has a strong colour scheme, it can be quite hard to introduce traditional christmas colours or decorations.

So, with this Christmas conundrum in mind, we’ve decided to set out and help share our best home decor tips on how to keep your home space coordinated this festive season. 


A Modern Christmas Fireplace

It’s A Big Palette, Be Picky!

Now, the broad palette of Christmas is quite intimidating from a design standpoint, which is why we want you to find the two that work best with your homespace and feature them more predominantly. You can still keep the range of Christmas colours, but highlighting two-three colours and prioritising them will provide a sense of structure and neatness to your display that will help keep it seeming grounded and stylish. 

With regards to which colours to mix, we’d recommend white as a primary colour. If you’re looking to keep things minimalist and clean-looking, a white-red christmas, or white-green christmas can fit in most homes without causing a colour palette panic! 

Try Off-Colour Alternatives

Now, this is a fun one. One thing that the best Christmas displays regularly show is that you don’t need to pick the exact shades or colours you see on most Christmas trees. Approximate, off-colour or alternate-shade Christmas displays are just as good at bringing that festive spirit, without compromising your home colour scheme! 

Consider peach instead of red, or pastel pinks and blues rather than your regular-colour ornaments. The traditional Christmas palette is more of a guideline than a direct order, so why let it restrict you?


A Chic White-Pink Christmas

Mind Your Material

Now, if you’ve read this far, you’ve noticed that these are quite radical suggestions, a pastel Christmas? Ignore some of the Christmas palette? We’ll admit, these suggestions do give a lot of freedom, but they come with one golden rule. Mind Your Material.

Whether it’s reflective tinsel, matte baubles, glossy christmas trees or complex ornaments, you’re going to be introducing a lot of textures into your homespace with these decorations. This isn’t a bad thing! However, these textures and materials can make or break a colour scheme, a pink Christmas sounds good and all, but can every home handle a reflective hot-pink Christmas display? When shopping your ornaments and planning your display, it’s important that you consider breaking up reflective or very bright displays with regular bursts of more familiar tones. 

Experiment With Nontraditional Colours

So you’ve tried off-colour red, but you still don’t like how it looks with your display. Have you considered perhaps a blue christmas ornament? Again, the sheer size of the Christmas Colour Palette means that a colour can feasibly be swapped out for a less-traditional colour, without losing that Christmas magic. This is something that may require some trial-and-error, you may like the idea of a green-blue Christmas in theory, but it may take some experimenting and patience to get your display just perfect.


A tasteful, understated christmas living room, using coloured home decor ornaments and pillowcases in red

Try ‘Christmassy Decor’ Over Christmas Decorations

Now, we all know about Christmas Decorations, but if you want to go above and beyond, why not coordinate with new home decor? It’s common for households to change their decor seasonally, new pillowcases, ornaments and flowers. While it may seem quite a bit more involved than putting up decorations, nothing quite transforms your living space like it. If you need help getting into the festive spirit, or want to create a winter wonderland without breaking out the tinsel and baubles, Christmas-themed pillow cases, vases, flowers etc can all be just as good as the original deal. 

Embrace (Controlled) Colour Clashes

Okay, this may seem contrary to what we’ve said already, but colour clashes aren’t the end of the world! Even if you’re looking for a clean, chic Christmas display, the vibrancy and liveliness of controlled colour clashes are quite striking, and display something more than just style. They display taste. So don’t shy away from the little imperfections that may crop up in your Christmas display, if you like them they’re more than good enough! Tis the season to be jolly, after all. 


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