This Holiday season is manic, for lots of reasons. Maybe this is just my experience, maybe you, reader, are better at navigating the hundreds of storefronts and their dozens of respective pages. Maybe you have the ability to sniff out the best deals for the most tasteful gifts for the people you love. But I definitely can’t, and I’m sure I’m not alone!

So, for people like me, our team has decided that this week’s blog will be a guide to Aufora’s favourite Christmas Home Decor gifts, including samples from Aufora’s website and context as to why we think these items make for such useful and thoughtful presents. 

7 - Display Bowls

Now, this one is an absolute classic. Bowls are one of those gifts that become absolutely precious in adulthood, perfect for displaying fruit, potpourri, other ornaments, or just as a standalone item. Truly thoughtful and diverse, the only issue you’re left with is choosing the right bowl for the job. 


A Stepped, Geometric Bowl

Now, for modern displays, Aufora’s ‘Louie Decorative Bowl’ is perfect. Its rich, reflective crystal material, stepped geometric patterns and alternating grey-clear colouration is just marvellous to look at from almost any angle. Reminiscent of the ripples in a still pond after a single drop falls into it, this piece is modern and would make for a strong standalone display piece, or as a component of a bowl display.

A Clear-brown Glass decorative bowl

Our Sophia Decorative Bowl is more geared towards traditional displays, with its elegant stand and petal-esque glasswork, this is a piece that is absolutely timeless, and perfect for accentuating elegant displays.

6 - Mirrors

Mirrors are another home staple. Regardless of if the person you’re gifting to has sparse walls, or just doesn’t seem satisfied with their home decor, a good mirror can add an immense amount of life to any interior, so they make for seriously good gifts! They do, however, tend to be a bit pricier and the practicalities of storing and placing them should be considered, so maybe bring it up to your giftee beforehand!


A gorgeous, faux-3d glass wall mirror, with a large octagonal mirror centre, framed by smaller, triangular mirror pieces

This gorgeous piece, the ‘Harlow Round Multifaceted Wall Mirror’ is one of my favourite pieces. I use the word “geometric” a lot, and I think I’m largely just pleased by clean, reflective surfaces with a lot of angles. So it’s no wonder I love this piece! Reminiscent of a high-fantasy, futuristic mirror, this piece would bring a touch of wonder and future-fashion to an interior.


5 - Kitchenware

Practical Kitchenware is in abundance, stylish kitchenware too. But it’s a sad fact of adult life that practical and stylish kitchenware is vanishingly rare. While it’s not exactly the glamorous, tear-jerkingly beautiful gift many of us hope to gift, it has a quiet practicality and thoughtfulness to it. There’s no shame in turning to the people you love and telling them “here is something beautiful that will make your life easier”. If anything, we think it’s quite noble. 

A clear glass chinese tea set, with one teapot filled with delicious tea, two cups, and white ceramic saucers.


Our Bai Glass Chinese Tea Set - 5 Piece is a breathtaking piece. Simple, elegant, and compact. This set can be front-and-stage as a kitchen’s centrepiece, or just remain a special set for occasions. Easy to store and easy to clean. This Chinese Tea Set will bring life, culture and beauty to any kitchen. 

4 - Candleholders

Candles really are wonderful, if you’ve never tried forgoing the usual lighting in your room and instead lighting a candle or two on a special occasion, we implore that you try. For a friend who loves candles, or one who is yet to fall in love with them, candle holders are a great gift. Even unlit candle holders are stylish accessories, and when properly paired with the correct candle and displayed tastefully, they can add a pop of life and vibrancy to any home.


A set of golden metal candlesticks, each polished and shaped in stylish, eccentric patterns.


Now, these candlesticks are truly beautiful. Varied in shape and size, colourful, made of a material that looks somewhere between polished brass and gold, these candlesticks would add complexity and a subtle class to a display. These are easy to store, use, and place. Perfect, convenient and thoughtful.

3 - Vases

Now, if you read our prior article on Christmas Vases, you’ll know just how much we like them. Vases are a good foundational item, able to act as centrepieces, or support bolder, more prominent displays like flowers. Each vase is diverse in size, form and function, so the only problem with buying vases is just making sure you know what your giftee needs! 

A White Vase, gently creased outward from around a central point, lending it a nautical theme


The Selby White Seashell Ceramic Vase is an impactful vase, with a pleasing asymmetrical shape, this vase lives up to its name, with the appearance of a large cream seashell. Tall and practical, this vase was designed to either display flowers, or stand out on its own. This is a vase with character, utility and a simply gorgeous nature-inspired design. 

2 - Terrariums

Terrariums are the modern cousin to the potted plant. Studies show that people only need 20-30 minutes in natural settings before their stress levels begin falling. Plants are comforting, but sometimes hard to manage and maintain, which is why terrariums are perfect for plant-lovers. Low-maintenance and contemporary, any giftee from zoomer-age to the more distinguished, older plant lover could benefit from a good terrarium. 

Three hanging glass balls, each with an artificial Succulent and fake earth inside


Now, our Hanging Succulent Plant in Glass Ball may not have the most glamorous name, but this compact present leaves quite an impact, providing not just a pop of colour and reflectivity, but a small piece of nature to any corner of your home. This high-quality artificial succulent requires absolutely no effort to maintain, and when displayed in groups of three or more, this terrarium makes for a simple, charming display

1 - Cushions

In terms of convenience and instant ability to impact the appearance of a home, you can’t beat the humble cushion. Nothing changes an interior space, sofa or seating area quite like a good set of cushions. Bringing warmth, cosiness, colour and texture to the interior. Cushions are also practical, able to have their cases changed or packed away if necessary, 

A Velvet Lime Green Cushion

The Lime Green Geometric Pattern Velvet Cushion is our final, favourite gift on average.
This is something that surprised a lot of us if we’re honest, most of us don’t even consider ourselves “pillow people”, and would never have thought we’d be ranking a cushion this high on our list. But the thing is, cushions are extremely useful, they literally bring comfort to the home, and this particular pillowcase does so in an understated, stylish way. If you’re looking for something small that’s bound to make a home decor expert happy, you can’t go wrong with a good cushion, and this is a very good cushion.


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