How Interior Design Has Changed -

The nature of Interior Design itself has shifted recently, and we think for the better. Rather than keeping up with strict styles, with little room for creative interpretation, design is now more oriented on creating a space that is positive, aspirational, and most importantly, represents you. This makes keeping up with trends much, much easier, with room for accessibility and budgeting. So to usher in 2023, and celebrate this new style of interior design, here’s our list of upcoming trends for next year!

A colour palette, laid out and ordered neatly.

Warmer Colours (and More Colours)

Now, Warm Colours have been enjoying limited popularity in prior years, but mainly as contrast to other palettes, but 2023 is the year these gorgeous, rich colours take centre stage.Reflecting the positive and aspirational nature of new interior design, warm colours are expected to take a more dominant role in interior design, creating entire spaces that are joyous and comforting. We’d recommend finding the right warm colours for you, whether it’s the warm, sun-soaked tones of orange and red, or strong, gentle shades of mahogany. With a creative mindset, it should be easy to introduce these colours to your home.

 More than just warm colours however, 2023 will likely see varied and bold colour palettes continue to seep into our homes. Shying away from colour is no longer a priority, and more and more homes are embracing eye-catching colour clashes. So, if warm colours don’t seem interesting to you, feel free to embrace the bright interior you’ve always wanted! 

A beautiful copper kettle, burner and stand in bright sunlight.

Glamorous-Eccentric Design -

 Given the shift in priority from ‘design for design’s sake’ to ‘design as a means of expression’, eccentric centrepieces and appliances have suddenly become all the rage! However, this doesn’t mean that just anything can be used, eccentric gadgets can be wonderful means of expression, utility (or at least great conversation-starters) but a certain amount of presentation is still expected! Showing off your eclectic taste and strange gadgets is totally inline with 2023-chic, but only if they can be made to seem aesthetically pleasing too! 

 Now, say you have a monstrous-looking coffee machine centrepiece, and you have no idea how to present it. Firstly, congratulations, good coffee machines are hard to come by, secondly, we’re going to give you three quick tips on home decor presentation that will have any centrepiece fitting in fast. 

 1 - Give them space. Home Decor is still, in part, a display of wealth and control over the homespace. While it may be accessible in some ways, a lot of modern aesthetics prioritise open space and room. If you don’t have a lot of room on your counter, then just establish as much of a perimeter around the appliance as you can, the appearance of space is just as effective as the real thing, and

 2 - Polish any reflective surfaces on or around the appliance.

This one’s intuitive, you want the light to catch your centrepiece as much as it can, to draw the eye and highlight it. If.

 3 - Cleanliness is key!

Another facet of home decor is that it’s not fashionable for appliances to appear used. From a decor-first perspective, toasters, coffee machines, appliances you may use daily are all better off being kept looking as close to brand-new as possible. Now, this is an impractical task for some of us, but if you’re trying to display an unusual kitchen appliance as a centrepiece, it might be worth prioritising keeping it as clean as possible.

A tasteful kitchen with a large, marble central island, mahogany base, surrounded by patterned, tiled flooring.

Textures, Patterns, and Borders -

Expanding on our earlier discussion regarding colours, 2023 is going to be the year of just having fun with it. Once you have your palettes, whether it be warm colours, or just a lot of colours, using patterns to break them up give them order and vibrancy will be absolutely your next course of action. 

 So largely, when people think textures and patterns, they think wallpaper design, but thankfully it’s a little easier than that! Introducing texture to your room is something you can do with ornaments, rugs, cushions, posters etc. Whether it’s Bouclé, florals, metals or wood, layering material and texture in your home is a fun and easy way to introduce life and vibrancy to your space. Of course, a small amount of colour coordination is required here, whether you’re blocking contrasting colours, or keeping everything within the same shade. 

 One means of providing order to otherwise chaotic and bold colour displays is ‘framing’, this can be in the literal or the vague sense, essentially providing a strong or defined outline to the coloured display or series of textures is a technique that can help you show off your new display with confidence. When you have an especially vibrant or arresting display that stands out against the palette of the room 

A small potted plant in front of faux-wood hardboard. In the background are layered fabric, wood and ceramic surfaces.

Aesthetics and Sustainability -

 Now, finally, sustainability has become more and more of a topic in public consciousness in recent years, and has been seeping into design in several notable ways. This is no bad thing, sustainable design is often light, airy and spotlights natural signifiers, such as plants or water displays against green or wooden backdrops. 

 Thankfully, a lot of sustainable design already aligns with earlier advice on keeping your space open, colourful, and utilising warm colours. If mahogany or high-value warm colours aren’t an option, consider corkboard, when framed by plants (or high-quality artificial plants) corkboard backdrops or displays can add a lot of character to a home, as well as provide a gentle, well-defined contrasting colour to well-lit places. 

 It should also be noted that if neither plants, or artificial plants appeal to you, there’s plenty of decor that utilises plant and leafy-green imagery that you can still build an aesthetic around nature quite easily. This also goes for animal-inspired goods, but you have to exercise a stricter sense of taste with animal-inspired decor, we can’t in good conscience tell you that leopard-print pillows or displays count for a natural aesthetic!


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