Let's get this clear: here at Aufora, we believe that mums deserve showering with love all year round. But when Mother's Day arrives, it's the perfect time to go all-out and celebrate your fabulous mum with gifts, days out and treats. With so many options out there, however, it can be hard to decide what to get your mum. That's why we've decided to put together this guide listing 10 of the best present ideas for Mother’s Day.


1. Flowers

Flowers are a crowd-pleaser and a simple and affordable way to show your mum how much you care for her. As a symbol of love and appreciation, flowers can brighten up any room, create a relaxing and calming atmosphere, and are great for celebrating a special occasion. To make life easy, why not opt for a "forever" bouquet that looks as good as the real thing but without all the fuss. Looking for something a little more personal? Why not create a forever bouquet that is unique to your mum with our beautiful stand-alone flower stems.


2. A personalised card

On a budget but still want to get your mum a present she’s guaranteed to love? There's nothing more precious than a personalised message in a card – it's the perfect way to communicate just how much your mum means to you appreciate. Plus, she can keep it as a memento forever. Bonus points are up for grabs if you make the actual card yourself.


3. Scented candles

They might not be the most original present, but delicious-smelling wax candles are a go-to favourite for gifts for mums. Why? Because a decorative and beautifully scented candle can transform a home, and, with the right scent, it can also help your busy and hardworking mum relax and enjoy some calm. That’s a win-win in our book. Even if you’re not 100% sure about the scents your mum loves, candles can still be a winner. Explore Aufora’s candles without scents and candleholders and discover the perfect gift.

Scented candles and candleholders


4. Spa day

Coming in at number 4 on our ultimate gift guide for Mother's Day presents is a day of pampering for your mum – because doesn't everyone love a day at the spa? And after all, who deserves a day spent off their feet and getting pampered than your mum? A day of pampering can include anything from a mani/pedi to a massage or facial.


5. Photo frame

A home décor gift, such as a beautiful photo frame, is one of our favourite present ideas for this special day. It's also a truly thoughtful gift, and you're your mum is sure to appreciate it. Once you've selected your frame (our favourites include vintage styles and stylish silver-plated options), choose a photo of the two of you to display.


6. A day out

What could be better as a present than a day one-to-one with your mum? So why not, instead of an actual present, gifting your mum a day out on the town where you can spoil her rotten? That day out might include afternoon tea, a spot of shopping, and dinner at her favourite restaurant.

Two glasses


7. Piece of jewellery

Your mum deserves the best, so why not treat her to something beautiful and timeless, like a great piece of jewellery. Gold or silver, statement or classic, whatever you choose, she is sure to be moved by the sentiment behind the gift.


8. A gift basket

A gift basket is a collection of carefully selected items, usually wrapped or in a hamper, that are given to someone as a gift. A gift basket is an excellent Mother's Day gift because it is a way to give her a variety of gifts all in one – this is especially handy if your mum is a little tricky to buy for.

A gift basket


9. Oil Burners

What’s that smell? It’s so calming and relaxing. Get your mum an Oil Burner to set the mood for a calm and relaxing day. Struggling to know which scent to get them? Try some of these: for Relaxation try Lavender, for Meditation try Orange, and for a Mood Lifter, try Lemon. You can get a beautiful Oil Burner from our Home Accessories range, just to make it that bit easier for you! ;)


10. Donation in her name

Can't think of physical present ideas for your mum’s special day? Then why not choose the charitable option and make a donation in her name to a cause close to her heart. This is a great opportunity to do some good on her behalf.


If you were struggling to find the perfect present for your mum, we hope this blog post on the 10 best gifts has inspired you and given you some great ideas. Still searching for that special something? Then why not check out the Aufora website for more Mother's Day present ideas.


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