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Mira White Ceramic Crushed Vase - Tall

Mira White Ceramic Crushed Bag Vase - Tall

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Modern art that's fun and functional, this ceramic vase will be the visual centre of interest in your favourite room. Fill it with artificial flowers and other greenery from our site to create a one-of-a-kind effect, or display it on its own - it's an amazing addition to your sculpture collection.

SKU: H0218A

Measurements: H 28 cm x W 15 cm x D 26 cm

Colour: White

Material: Ceramic

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Excellence At Every Step

Our vases were nothing we were accustomed to; they were like nothing we’d ever seen before. The stellar quality of our discovery inspired us to create a company whose foundation would be stunning, affordable vases, as well as other home accessories: Aufora was born.


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Through the years, our philosophy has remained the same: to bring you timeless luxury at affordable prices. Our vast range of accessories means it’s simple to create a living space that’s completely your own. We have something for every home enthusiast – from influencers to casual DIYers – and Aufora is dedicated to bringing each and every one of you the very best in home decor.

What To Do With Vases?


You can display your vase anywhere you desire within your home. For best results be sure to place it in an area where there is natural light.


Check out our spectacular selection of faux flowers and ready made bouquets and add your own personal touch to your new vase.


Keep your vase looking fresh by wiping with a damp cloth. Alternatively washing with warm soapy water and using appropriate glass cleaner for glass vases

Why Vases?


Add any of our fine vases to your home for a elegant and stylish look. On its own our vases are a statement piece which can transform your home instantly. You can also add any of our  incredible bouquets to make your vase look even more stylish than before. 

Be Creative

Be Creative

Whether is it a bouquet of flowers or one of our candles, you can store just about anything you want in our vases. They have great depth for you. Whatever you choose to have in your vase. We know it will be fabulous.

No Maintenance

One of the biggest benefits of investing in any vase is that once you’ve bought it, the vase will not really require any more of your undivided attention. No need for water as we have artificial flowers to save you the trouble of having to deal with murky water. This will help keep your vase clean and tidy.   


We work effortlessly to create a company whose foundation is to develop and offer stunning, affordable vases, as well as other home accessories. See how some our happy customers are enjoying our vases.