Every now and then we at Aufora like to attend events where we can meet our customers face to face. This gives us a great opportunity to receive your feedback first hand while giving you the chance to physically interact with our products. Most importantly, it allows us to share the passion we have for interior design, and the joy we get from inspiring our customers while being inspired ourselves.  

We have a number of events to attend in the year ahead, so whether you are looking for some contemporary vases and bowls, home accessories to add some character to your room, or some artificial plants and flowers to fill the vases you already have, we are sure that we will have the perfect style for you. 

Attending these events also allows us to unveil new products that are not available on the website. We like to use these interior design events as a platform to introduce and get instant feedback on products we think you may like. The best part about attending these shows is arranging custom flower bouquets that match perfectly to your tastes and styles. No two flower bouquets are the same, although many customers do ask for the same bouquet they have just watched being arranged.  

For more information about our upcoming events, email us at Additionally, find offers on our website and follow us on Instagram and Facebook for a chance to participate on our ticket giveaways and check our home decor ideas.